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Employers who require facebook info

WTF! AYS, employers who require facebook info?

Let me start this by saying I hate people, therefore I hate social networking.  Oh, I am a very caring person.  If you’re reading this blog/rant know that I care enough to hate you with every fiber of my being – well, if you’re a people that is; since I only hate people (today).  The people who aren’t reading this most important blog/rant in the known multiverse I don’t care about them enough to hate.  Never say I don’t care about you … or say it and be a liar.

Anyway, what was the topic? Oh yeah, asshole employers who require their dumbshit employees to give up their facebook information.  (I’m so glad I don’t have a job.  Unless you consider snorting coke (or delousing powder, I can’t smell the difference) off of unkempt hobo phalluses … phalli … phallussss … fallacies – (what the fuck is the plural of phallus?) – as payment for services rendered.)

First of all, if my boss came to me and asked me to friend him on facebook I’d flat out refuse.  You’re my boss, not my friend.  (Oh, and don’t reference this post in the future when I rant about bosses and how I don’t believe in them.  This is a preemptive fuck you, and fuck my words … and fuck you again for using my words against me.)

You're fired

My new facebook friend!

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Some random American jackass.

WTF! AYS, some random American jackass?

I had a story here, but there’s no point in recounting it.  It’s long and really misses the point of the message, which is: If I don’t speak your language, be sure to scream at me so I can understand it better.

I mean, don’t get we wrong.  The only words I know how to say in German are hefe-wisenScheiße; and remember dubbaya dubbya two you Nazi green-leprechaun-shorts wearing Aryan jackbooter.  Okay, that last one may not be German, but when said really angry it could sound German.

I'm PROUD to be an elitist

In case you were wondering.

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Sandra Fluke

WTF! AYS, Sandra Fluke?

Seriously, she wants a private company to fund her, uhhh, private activities?

Fist off, let’s not get into the craptastic stupidity that is publicly mandated healthcare.  I could rant for hours on that; and before you try to delv into it, yes I think people should just die.  You’re going to accuse me of it anyway, so I may as well say it for you.

Sandra Fluke - fUgly

This is what you get when you call those numbers written on the bathroom stalls.

Now, back on this stupid slut (not literally, of course … eww!), Sandra Fluke.  That fat, deaf bastard, Rush Limbaugh had it right.  Fuck his stupid ass apology!  She put herself out there with her ‘schools should pay for contraception‘ bull.  And shut your pie holes about him taking Viagra. If he’s taking Viagra to test that 4-hour hard on issue (that’s priapism for you edjumakated folk), or because he lost sight of his wienie, then I’d be against a private insurer being forced to provide that as well.  But if he has a real medical condition that prevents him from spending sweaty-grunty time with his neighbor’s legless midget, then okay.  I stress MEDICAL condition.  If he just sucks in the sack, then I’d suggest a couple of videos (or free Internet sites) can educate him – on his own dime. Read more…

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