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Fat people

WTF! AYS, fat people?

Don’t give me any of this bullshit:

This is what happens to guys who don’t like girls.

  • I’m not fat, I’m big boned. – No, I’m big boned! My mistress can confirm this. You, sir, are fat!
  • It’s a thyroid condition! – Really, let me see your medical records for proof.
  • I’m not fat, I’m plus sized.  – Fuck that! You’re a multiplication table!
  • My body is a temple! – To whom, Adephagia?
  • Fat is beautiful! – Only when it’s sizzling in a pan of bacon and eggs!

Not only are you taking a terrible toll on my eyes, but your body is screaming at the point of bursting.  Those fart sounds coming from your ankles are not normal!  That smell coming from one of your seven potential bellybutton holes is not the sweet scent of success.  You really should be embarrassed to find a used condom suck in your thigh crack. Read more…

Inaccurate Bible quoters

WTF? AYS, inaccurate Bible quoters?


Cartoon Bibles are where I think most people receive their understanding.

I’m not sure why I have to keep coming back to religious topics when I’m trying to keep this site as religiously or non-religiously neutral as possible, but when it comes to stupidity I think that religion – or, more accurately the followers of religions – really takes the cake.

How many times have you been out in public when you see some faggots reenacting the Return of the Jedi fight scene between Luke and the black dude with the pink schlong with their penises; or you make an innocent comment about how you want to kill all Europeans because they use Mayonnaise (which is a mixture of cum and eggs) instead of catsup, ketchup, or however you want to fucking spell the word, and some dipshit says, “Don’t judge him! The Bible says, ‘Do not judge lest ye be judged!'” Read more…

Halloween haters

WTF! AYS, Halloween haters?

It’s that time of year again. Yep, it is the time of year when you buy a ton of candy, eat it all, and scream ‘Oh, shit!’ at the last moment and quickly brew up some caramel covered onions for the kiddies.

  • Or maybe you’re the type that pulls out the ol’ Parker Brothers Ouija boardbecause we all know that when you think occult you think Parker Brothers– and talk to some spirit from beyond the veil.

    Child Costume

    What’s wrong with educating (botany) while having fun (smoking)?

  • Or you go out dressed as some bully teenager and steal candy from the kids who wasted their time collecting it for you.
  • Or you do what I do: close all of the curtains, turn off all of the lights, watch TV at a really low volume, and ignore the doorbell.

However you celebrate it, Halloween is a great time of the year. So, why the fuck are some dipshits trying to ruin it for everyone? These fucktards are citing economic, religious, and cultural concerns. Read more…

Religious Idiocy

WTF! AYS, religious idiots?

First things first, I believe in God.  Come back to this sentence after you’re read this post, as you’ll certainly forget it.  I … believe … in … God.  Maybe I should more accurately say that I believe in Intelligent Design.  What I don’t believe in is religious institutions or the fucking pricks who lead them.

Fuck the anti-religious zealot, Bill Maaaaahrererer.
That’s right, touch mah pee pee … TOUCH IT!

  • The Catholic Church are historically a bunch of criminals.
  • The Protestant Churches are confused and trying to remain relevant by shaking their fists at the Catholic Church (and each other).
  • Muslims are savage barbarians that would impede human progress at every step; like the Catholics did in the middle ages.
  • Jews, well, if you’re God’s chosen I’d prefer to be the ignored red-headed step-child.
  • Satanists are just emo kids with daddy issues.
  • Wiccans scream witchcraft but (most) can’t even talk a good game.  Blessed be a foot in your ass, you fat whore who really should NEVER run around naked like that ever again!  Oh my goddess I’m gunna puke.
  • Buddhist think too much and do too little.
  • Scientists are corrupt, and just as dogmatic and jingoistic as religious leaders.
  • The spaghetti monster, well, that’s REAL!  I’ve got pictures (below) to prove it!

Read more…

Obama supporters

WTF! AYS, Obama supporters?

Because I haven’t typed in a while, and some ‘friends’ of mine are spinning me up via e-mails and social networking, I figure I’d stick a big black Oblama dick in their asses for being sofa king wee todd id!

#1: There is no god damn war on women, you stupid ass misandrists. First of all abortion for any other fucking reason than to save the life of the mother, or in the case of incapacitating birth defects in the child – where it will never be able to live on its own – is fucking murder. This isn’t some religious bullshit, this is common fucking sense.

Aborted 9 week fetus

I want my baby back baby back baby back
I want my baby back baby back baby back
Baby back riiiiiiiibs

Read more…

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