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Obama supporters

WTF! AYS, Obama supporters?

Because I haven’t typed in a while, and some ‘friends’ of mine are spinning me up via e-mails and social networking, I figure I’d stick a big black Oblama dick in their asses for being sofa king wee todd id!

#1: There is no god damn war on women, you stupid ass misandrists. First of all abortion for any other fucking reason than to save the life of the mother, or in the case of incapacitating birth defects in the child – where it will never be able to live on its own – is fucking murder. This isn’t some religious bullshit, this is common fucking sense.

Aborted 9 week fetus

I want my baby back baby back baby back
I want my baby back baby back baby back
Baby back riiiiiiiibs

A baby is in your body by the CHOICE you fucking made. (Pun intended.) Now you must fucking live with it you whore, bitch, psychopath. Abortion as birth control is murder. If you can’t see this you’re fucking wrong, don’t deserve to be on this planet, and should drown yourself in hydrochloric acid ASAP.

Just to be clear, your baby-daddy needs to own up and do his part as well. The bitch lied to me; she wadn’t spozed t’git pregnint; how could this happen, and so forth are no fucking excuses. It took two, and now you get the trophy – no backsies!

Secondly, just read this

#2 Fuck you and your stimulus. I don’t give a shit if it’s the oil companies, the airline industry, General Motors, Public Broadcasting, or the struggling artist who isn’t smart or skilled enough to change careers, YOU DON’T DESERVE MY MONEY AND I WON’T GIVE IT TO YOU! (Seriously, I won’t and I don’t.)

Current debt and deficit.

Yep, this is a serious image. If you stare at it long enough you have to wonder if it’s a cruel joke.

I give to charities and some to my community, but everyone else can fuck off. If your communities can’t take care of you, either move or understand that life is rough, not fair, and … well, life sucks. Get over it or just fucking die and save us all your pathetic whining.

If you’re reading this then I can assure you that there are people worse off than you, there are also people better off than you. Shut your fucking pie hole, get a useful skill – even if it’s one you don’t want to have – and start fending for yourself. This is a dog fuck dog world out there and it’s your choice to be the pitcher, catcher, or swing both ways.

But I want to be an astronaut! I have the RIGHT to be an astronaut. No, you don’t. You have the right to pursue that dream, but there are requirements and if you don’t meet them you don’t get to be one, no matter how much of my tax money you try to steal. Are you really that fucking stupid? You don’t have the Right to shit not provided for in the Constitution, and I don’t see jack dammit in there that says anything about the Right to the job of your dreams.

Hell, my dream is to be rich and unemployed, why can’t I steal your tax money to fund my exuberant unemployed lifestyle? Oh wait, I probably can … Maybe this Obama lad isn’t so bad.

#3 President Obama hasn’t done SHIT for the LGBT community, so don’t give me this shit that he’s pro gay marriage. Look at his record you stupid homos. Besides, there’s no reason to let homos marry unless you’re going to allow polygamy, human-animal marriage, pedophilia, incestuous marriage, and so forth. Those are all just as ‘natural.’

Gay caveman.

God, I want to lick his club!

Personally, I don’t give two shits if some dude wants to fuck a whales blowhole – as long as it’s consensual. Go at it man, have fun. If anyone tries to stop you I’ll fuck’em up the ass with a splinter stick. But to turn that into the societal issue of marriage is absolutely vegetable status retarded.

Screw religion, this is about common sense. The family unit is man-woman-child; it takes a man and a woman to make a child. Even if you stick a spermcicle into your cum dumpster that took a man somewhere. A family is best raised by two parents – a mother and a father. Both have unique skills, biology, chemistry, and so on that are proper for a child.

Because religions are stupid, they have co-opted homosexuality as God, (YHVH, Allah, The Great Spaghetti Monster) says you can’t do this. But let’s face it, nearly all religious values were necessities for human decency.

  • Don’t eat pork – because you stupid fools can’t make fire so you die from flukes or trichinosis.
  • Don’t murder – because as a species we need to grow. Killing people causes other people to kill people, and that’s simply not a great way to grow as a species.
  • Don’t fuck your neighbor – because that will probably piss off the family and murder will ensue.
  • Don’t fuck someone you’re not married to – Because now who’s going to care for the ‘trophy.’
  • Men don’t fuck other men – umm, that won’t grow the species either.

I could go on, but you’re probably to fucking stupid to see the common sense.

#4, 5, 6 … infinity²: I am not responsible for you … you are responsible for yourself. Additionally, your responsibility to society (or mine) isn’t to be its caretaker. No, it’s much, much simpler than that. Quite simply our lot in life (in relation to humanity and society) it’s to not fuck it up. Really, that’s all you have to do … not … fuck … it … up. This may mean that you don’t always get to be happy, or ever be happy for some of you pathetic fucktards. I don’t care. Your happiness is nothing to me. Learn to be happy with what you have, find a way to improve, or live under a bridge and shut the fuck up.

Fuck you.

This is what I say to people who think they deserve handouts.

People like me shouldn’t be poking our noses in your bedroom. If your granny passed away 7 years ago and you’re still using the baby oil and a hair dryer to keep her moist, that’s your deal. I … don’t … care. But when you take it to a societal level, then you better show me how this IMPROVES the species of humanity on a scientific level – not an emotional, religious, or selfish level – or shut the fuck up.

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