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WTF! AYS, prudes?

What the fuck do people have against sex, sexuality, and porn?

Ladies – beautiful, sensual, lovely, and wonderful ladies – if you’re too scared to use your pussy can I just borrow it for a while?  I’ll treat it well and bring it back in a better condition than I found it.

Guy, really? Studies show that 90% of men masturbate, while the other 10% lie about it.* So, have at it. Jump up and down on your bed, destroy those bed springs while you’re stroking your schlong. You’ll get a good cardio workout and the neighbors will think you’re awesome in the sack – hell, if she’s female she may come over to try some of that action for herself – and you can pretend that Lindsay Lohan is snorting coke off of your cock and putting her fingers in your ass at the same time.

On second thought … ewwww.

Prudes, don’t cite some bullshit study that says sexuality has negative mental and emotional side effects, because I can cite (more than) one right back to you that shows how sex improves emotional stability and mental acumen.

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American voters

WTF! AYS, American voters?

tl;dr: Obama voters are fucking stupid and should die slow, horrible deaths.


Truer words cannot be said.

I could go on for forty days and forty nights about the idiocy that is the American voter, but I’m only going to pick a couple of issues because you fucking retards out there won’t be able to comprehend anything more.

First of all, FUCK OBAMA! And FUCK ALL OF YOU PEOPLE WHO VOTED FOR HIM! That’s right, a biiiiiiiggggg FUCK YOU to friends, family, and other assholes who voted for this Captain Moron.

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