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American voters

WTF! AYS, American voters?

tl;dr: Obama voters are fucking stupid and should die slow, horrible deaths.


Truer words cannot be said.

I could go on for forty days and forty nights about the idiocy that is the American voter, but I’m only going to pick a couple of issues because you fucking retards out there won’t be able to comprehend anything more.

First of all, FUCK OBAMA! And FUCK ALL OF YOU PEOPLE WHO VOTED FOR HIM! That’s right, a biiiiiiiggggg FUCK YOU to friends, family, and other assholes who voted for this Captain Moron.

For you people who know me: you people wonder why I don’t call or write, it’s because every time I do my IQ drops 10 points when you try and talk to me about politics and social issues. You’re so stuck in the ‘me me me’ that you forget there’s a rather tough world out there who doesn’t give a shit about you. I’ve come to the point that I don’t give a shit about you either – not until you grow the fuck up and stop whining about your pathetic little lives and stop thinking that other people owe you anything other than to let you fuck up on your own; a task in which many of you excel. It takes me weeks to recover my intellect from the stupidity of my socio-political conversations with you.


This means you.

Yeah, that’s what I want – another $5,000,000,000,000.00 dollars in debt that we won’t be able to pay back. Who the fuck do you think is going to pay for that? I’m not, because I don’t pay taxes – and I won’t pay taxes to this government until it gets back to its Constitutional roots.

“We must recycle to save the planet. Please think of the generations that come after you, what kind of world are we leaving them?”

Hey hippy fucktard dipshit, what kind of world are we leaving our children with debt they can never pay back? Either they become sex-slaves to some up-and-coming world power or they’ll be in a literal war for survival as we decline into a second or third world country.

So, here are the top three issues cited by my friends (in the order of the number of citations provided) when I asked them why they voted for Obama:

  1. Gay marriage.
  2. He’s not a Republican
  3. He’s providing for the less fortunate

Yummy sauce!

I paraphrased #3 – which was about welfare, student loans, and other public funding – but that’s what it boiled down to. So let me debunk your retardation – seriously, were you all dropped on your fucking heads daily for 17 years or just born that way? I know the government was experimenting on space aliens in the 50’s, did that somehow enter the water then travel up your faggoty-ass-poop-shoot and into your brain? Jesus H. fucking Christ I hate you people. I really do.

Die in a fire

This pussy is smarter than you.

Gay marriage:

First of all this should be a non-issue. As I typed in a previous post, if two fat chicks want to mix butter rolls and play find the hairy armpit, I don’t fucking care … and neither should you. If this is some sort of a God issue, fuck off. That’s between the dykes and God, it’s not for you to hinder their vag bumping.

Gay marriage is not a Human Right or even a Civil Right.  Things you can’t change are Rights – Race & Ethnicity are Rights, Sexuality (in terms of male & female) are Rights, and etc.  Sexual preference and marriage partners are not Right, they are choices.  Else pedophilia, bigamy/polygamy, bestiality, become Rights as well.  Is NAMBLA about to become a protected group?

When it comes to marriage, first of all this should be a State not a Federal issue. Seriously, do you dipshits ever even read the Constitution? If not, then your right to vote needs to be ended with a bullet in the face and the burning at the stake of all of your kin. We cannot allow the stupid gene to be passed along to any more generations!

Shut up bitch

This is the true meaning of marriage.

The fucking President isn’t supposed to be anything more than some asshole we kick out of the country to go fornicate with foreign princesses while we work and take care of business. His only other job is to sign the bills put before him by Congress – which, in theory, is the will of the People. It shouldn’t matter if he wants us all to watch chocolate covered penises or not because it’s not his fucking decision to make.

While peter puffers and she-males should have all of the right in the world to carry on in private without the scrutiny of the government or their neighbors – what you do at home stays at home – in regard to marriage, homo faggots should not have the right to marry.

Do I really have to give you the practical history of the concept of marriage? Fine, it seems I do.

“Dear Justin Bieber, I hate these fucking retards! Please, I beseech you to zap them in the anus with an over-sized phallic shaped lightning bolt!”

Marriage was an institution put into place for men to own women. In that time frame men held all of the power, so that’s just the way it was. Men bonded with (or later married) women because it did three things:

  1. Told the other guys, “Hands off! This bitch is mine!” (See my previous post regarding this issue for a further clarification.)
  2. Told the married man that he is responsible to protect his mate. (You own her, now you have to protect her.)
  3. Provided a stable family unit in which procreation (between and man and a woman), and thus the continuation of the species, could occur.
Don't do it!

Don’t do it!

Notice that none of what I typed mentioned God, and none of it mentioned freedom to do whatever the fuck you want – because nobody cares what you want.

Marriage for love is a stupid ass concept. Love in marriage is a bonus and something for which we all hope, but if the only way you can show your love is through marriage then you don’t deserve to be married. Trust me, you can love and fuck without marriage (I’ve done it), and no one should ever be able take that away from you.

Marriage is the bond between a man and a woman for the stability and sake of rearing future generations of the human race, anything else – religious, tax-related, social status, etc. – is a fallacy and just your selfish ‘want’ over the ‘need’ of humanity as a whole. I hope you choke yourself with that rainbow fag-flag.

He’s not a Republican:

I have friends on both sides of this fence.

“I’ll never vote for a Republican, they’re evil!”


And we all know stupid people should die.

“I’ll never vote for a Democrat, they’re evil!”

Thank you both, let me now shoot you in the face with an AIDS dart so that you die in horrible agony.

Stick to the issues you stupid zombie dipshits! If your whole reason for voting/not-voting for a consolidate is because s/he’s affiliated with a particular party, and not because of specific issues, then you’re a dipship moron; you should feel bad for your self and you should die with eyeball cancer. Yeah, I hope you iris grows a fungus that talks to you in your sleep and causes you to commit harakiri with a butter knife.

He’s providing for the less fortunate:

OH … … … MY … … … GOD!

Come here!



Please do this to yourself.

See this pencil? I’m now going to stab you in the eye and hope the dense air that is keeping your skull in shape whistles out and turns your face into deflated balloon.

It’s not the President’s job to take care of you. It’s not my job to take care of you either.

From the Federal government’s perspective, FUCK the less fortunate! (Look up Grover Cleveland) The government’s only job is to get the fuck out of the way of people who want to help the less fortunate – be it charities, churches, clubs, neighborhoods, (errrr, States!) and so on.

It’s up to us, as a society, to give and help. It’s not up to abdicate our personal irresponsibility by letting the government take our money and use it as they see fit. That’s not the king’s money – of which we are fortunate enough to be allowed to use – that’s OUR money! The government has the fortune of being bestowed our money, if we so choose.

I choose not to; I don’t pay taxes.

Additionally, as of today I am making this vow:

I will NOT give any more money to any charity or support group until we have a flat tax system and the government gets out of the way of the People.

I like to give to charity. I like to help. I’ve given directly to friends in need, I’ve given to the Red Cross, and I’ve given to other charities, but no more. Not a single dime to anyone for any reason, other than maybe my mother, until the government gets out of the realm of (and obstruction to individuals) helping individuals.

While one person’s contribution is a drop in the bucket, I hope that because I stopped giving – and I would hope that you stop giving as well – people die. I hope that society’s eyes are opened to the reality that it’s our individual responsibility to help, it is not a collective responsibility or a responsibility we abdicate to the government. It is a personal responsibility.  If you can’t understand and get behind this concept, please let me be the first to assassinate you and anyone who has ever known you.

Now, let me talk about some actual important issues. If you don’t see these as important, you are a selfish prick that should be shot in the liver and left to bleed to death in pain over three days.

This is what we’re doing to the next generation.

#1 – Flat tax!

I refuse to pay taxes until the system is fair, and by fair I mean that we all pay an equal percentage. If you make $10,000, $100,000, or $1,000,000,000 per year you should pay the same percentage as me – no more, no less. This goes for ALL taxes – sales, income, property, social security, and so on. No loopholes and no exceptions.

Fuck all you dipshits who can’t hold down a real job and somehow believe that it’s my responsibility to pay for your lazy ass. I work for me and my family, not for you and your family. Just shut up and fucking die already. Obviously your life isn’t worth shit so either improve it, deal with it, or die. Seriously, die. I hate you … a lot.

#2 – No deficit spending!

Take away the government’s credit card. Remember, the government is (supposed to be) us … you and me. That’s MY debt, that’s YOUR debt, and, more importantly, that our future generation’s debt they are creating. STOP IT! I paid off all of my debt, I don’t want yours.

#3 – Fuck your healthcare

Poor people should die. I make money so that I can have a decent quality of life, well, that and hookers, a moon rock, and my name lasered into Mount Rushmore. This includes health care. If you can’t afford it you should of thought about that before you smoked seven packs a day, ate at Taco Bell since age 15, and snorted whatever that brown shit was. Do you have shitty genes? Not my problem. Are you 7,812lbs? Not my problem. Will you PAH LEEEZ just shut up and die. Let me live my life, pay my bills, and go to my doctor in peace, without having to wait in line behind 500 Mexicans who are here illegally. Maybe if you would have learned a trade instead of thinking that a Philosophy degree was useful you wouldn’t be in this situation.

I promise … I will … really!!!

I’ll wait for another rant to post other issues. You Internet children don’t have the attention span of a Mayfly, so if you even read this far in order to try and learn something I’d be very surprised.

In fact, if you can stop drooling on yourself long enough to post a comment to this blog with a legitimate issue regarding why you support Obama, I’ll make every effort to pretend I care about your mental-midgetry enough to post on that topic – and cure you of the cloud in your brain that is preventing your synapses from firing appropriately.



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2 thoughts on “American voters

  1. Based on twitter responses, it seems I hit a chord with a few people who (mistakenly) think I give a shit about hurting their feelings. Just to make myself clear, no ambiguities, (whether you’re one of the people I actually know or not) you are fucking stupid because you voted for this asshat. ‘Nuff said.

    You can’t refute it because you have no logical argument. Hope and Change is not an argument … more of the same is the definition of insanity.

    I do not respect you. I will not respect you. Now go back to flinging poo with the other apes, or just die. I don’t care which.

    This is the most hate I’ve received on twitter to day. I must be doing something right! 🙂

    One more thing …

    Fucking learn to read, assholes: []
    Stop getting butthurt when you know this site is supposed to be over-the-top hateful spew.

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