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MechWarrior Online

WTF! AYS, MechWarrior Online Developers?

Editor’s note:  This post is all about nerd rage.  If you’re not into nerd things you probably won’t get it.  If you are into nerd things, but not into nerd rage, then fuck off.  I don’t like you already.  If you can’t understand why someone would be this pissed about a game, you’ve never YouTube’d screaming WoW kids, Eve freakout, Nerd rage, or anything else.  People get passionate about their hobbies – and since this site is about being over the top, I’m about to be a YouTube video waiting to happen.

Now, I know they say you should never bitch about a game that’s in beta, and one can only hope that there are some good changes to come, but there comes a time when you see that the design team is so fucked in the head stupid that you just have to have them tested for Down’s Syndrome. And if they don’t have Down’s Syndrome you have to come to the realization that they are another group of people who simply need to decide to chew on a cyanide tablet, because they have no redeeming value as people.

Fuck you, Harmony Gold, that's a Warhammer!

Fuck you, Harmony Gold, that’s a Warhammer!

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Employment Elitists

WTF! AYS, employment elitists?

I’m writing this one on the request of a friend, so let me crack my knuckles and dig right in.

Who the flying fuck do you think you are to look down upon the mechanic, the construction worker, the garbageman, or other manual laborer? Seriously? Hey fucktard! Without the mechanic you can’t drive. That’s okay though, I suppose, as you won’t have to walk too far from the cave you’ll be living in – because you’ll be stuck trying to wade through a meter of SHIT!

If you’re going to belittle the mechanic or poo-poo the garbageman, maybe you should take a moment to stop sucking on your daddy’s tit – (you know what I mean) – and try and figure out who’s going to fix your car or clean up your nasty shit up! I’m certainly not picking up your thrice used rubbers.

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Anti-Gun Activists

WTF! AYS, anti-gun activists?

So, once again it’s been some time since I’ve posted. God damn it I’m trying so fucking hard not to make this a political site, but between my retarded ass friends, moronic family members, and the rest of you fucking mouth breathers out there, you leave me no choice. You are all so fucking stupid that I have to wrap my head in duct tape to prevent it from exploding into smithereens. What an awesome word, smithereens. Doesn’t that shit just make you want to smile? Smithereens … smithereens … smithereens … smithereens … fucking amazing!

This is my brain after talking to one of you retards.

This is my brain after talking to one of you retards.

Alright, since I know that either you agree with me, or you’re a pseudo-educated cur that probably has the attention span of a gnat, let me cut to the chase. Comment One: “You don’t need a gun!” “You don’t need a gun with ‘x’ capability and ‘y’ magazine size.” (It’s a magazine not a clip you fucking retards!  Arrgh!  This is what happens when you’re educated by TV.) Response One: Who the fuck are you to tell me what I need?  Seriously, what fucking planet did you come from to stand in my face and tell me what I need?  Hey asshole, I don’t need a television, but I have one. I don’t need a boat, but I have one. I don’t need you in my face, yet there you are.  I don’t need books, but I have a lot of them.

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