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White Knights

WTF!  AYS, white knights?

White Knights are those people who put honor above reality; who believe that we must coexist with everyone and give everyone the benefit of the doubt.  Unfortunately, sometimes you simply cannot live and let live.  Sometimes you have to judge people and fight people for the sake of what’s right – usually, common sense.

When it comes to life and civilization, the only thing that matters is the "W".

When it comes to life and civilization, the only thing that matters is the “W”.

I’m going to fuck with a lot of people with this post – especially toward the end. The couple of you who thought I was sane are going to have your doubts, while those of you who already think I’m fucking crazy will probably feel you have it confirmed.

You need to read the About WTF! AYS? before behaving too rashly, while at the same time know that these are my beliefs – my words – even if the words are taken to the extreme.

I've got an enlarged phallus, but I don't get to use that as an excuse at work.

I’ve got an enlarged phallus, but I don’t get to use that as an excuse at work.

I was at work the other day when one of my servants came to me with a complaint. I promised to hear him out as long as he fanned me with a big feather and bought me a Chinese sex-toy wife. He complied, and Ping-pong and I have been happily married ever since. Her mouth is such a perfect size, and the things she can do with her tongue. Woooooo weeeeee! Worth every fen!

Once you go Chinese you never go … uh, you never go … fuck, I’ll go everywhere. Women are the most fucking wonderful creatures ever invented! I want to pleasure all of them – if they meet my criteria for HAWTNESS.  (Notice I didn’t say I want them to pleasure me – I get that by pleasuring them, so win-win.)

I can't wait to play with that pussy.

I can’t wait to play with that pussy.

This employee decided to tell me that he didn’t think it was fair that I discriminate. I asked him how I was discriminating. Sure, it’s true, I didn’t share Ping-pong with him like I did with his female co-worker, but I have standards. Two women will make me jizz in a second, while a dude in the mix will make me flaccid.

He said that I give more time off to one of the other employees than I do to him. I responded with a resounding, “YES!” Partly because I had just cum in Ping-pong’s mouth, and also because it was the answer to his question, so I got a two-fer out of that.

Once he realized that I was talking to him, he told me that’s not fair.

Since I was spent and tired, I used my boss voice. “Dude!” I said, in a manner worthy of his position. “You don’t do shit. Your co-worker sucks my cock, and files the reports. All you do is sit there and watch YouTube videos of me getting my cock sucked, and you even show up late for that!”

He still didn’t feel this was fair, so I had to remind him that I do discriminate. Fuck EEO and HR – especially, Barbara! She may be getting up there in years, around 25-ish, but her experience makes up for it!

And he wants the same time off as busy, busy Ping-pong!

And he wants the same time off as busy, busy Ping-pong!

I discriminate. If you’re retarded you get treated as a retard. If you’re lazy, I don’t give you bonuses and time off. If you’re Mexican I expect you to empty my trash and cut the grass. If you’re fat I laugh at you while you waddle to your cubicle. If you’re hot, you can get a raise just for giving me a raise – if you know what I mean, ha!  (That was meant to be a retarded joke.  It’s called pandering to my base.)

I believe in equality. I give you equal opportunity to provide for the company’s needs or my needs. If you do this you get rewarded. If you don’t do this you get sacked. Deal with it or find a new job.

It is proper, appropriate, and healthy to discriminate based on actions, capability, and philosophy.

Forever true!

Forever true!

I discriminate when it comes to the public and society as well.

I discriminate in the food I eat, the movies I watch, and the friends I keep.

I discriminate in the clothes I wear, the jobs I accept, and the people I help.

I discriminate in the gas I buy, the phone I use, and charities to which I give.

Men are assholes, yes.  But at least we can enjoy the view.

Men are assholes, yes. But at least we can enjoy the view.

I do not discriminate based on skin tone or ethnicity, but I do discriminate based on belief system. If your philosophy and my philosophy can co-exist in peace, I will love you as a brother or sister and let you live in the manner of your choosing.

If your philosophy is antagonistic to my philosophy, and there is no reconciling the two, then you must be removed. You must either move to a location where you cannot affect me, or you must be permanently removed from this planet. In this it is kill or be killed.

I am not stating this as a savage, but as a realist. There are those who would kill us – me, you, and others – who wish to live in peace. There are those who already commit these acts of depravity – from many cultures, from home and abroad.

Make no mistake, my culture’s philosophy is better than your culture’s philosophy, and since the two cannot coexist, yours must be removed permanently. No quarter – only complete surrender or annihilation. Call it genocide, call it cleansing, call it defense or patriotism.

I've got a gun, you have a hairy wee-wee, I win.

I’ve got a gun, you have a hairy wee-wee, I win.

I call it none of these.

I simply call it survival.

If you won’t let me live in the peaceful manner in which I wish to live, then I will bring all the fires of heaven, hell, and beyond to your doorstep. I will fight as a depraved savage and as an elite technocrat. I will be ruthless, dirty, and swift; bringing science, magic, and raw power to your doorstep. I will wipe you out and leave no trace – through the power of God or as a god, whatever it takes.

The only honorable warrior is a dead warrior. There is no honor in death, just death. I fight for this world, and if there is a world beyond I leave it to them to judge my heart. If this is the only world, then I know that my conscience is clean – for what I do is right. You cannot exist in my peaceful world for you are an evil creature with a dark heart.

I only want peace, but you won’t give it to me.

I only want to be left alone, but you won’t let me be.

I only want green fields with smiling children at play, with soaring eagles above soaking in the day.

I only want to learn and teach the next who come, to know the warmth of skin and sun.

For you who bring ruin to fauna and man, I declare War Eternal to your last stand.

No quarter, no peace, no consideration given, only your utter and complete annihilation.

Then I will stow my weapons for good, until the next of you kind tries to stand where you stood.


Now, let me get back to playing (with) Ping-pong. Let me live my life the way I choose, and everyone else can fuck off!


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