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About WTF! AYS?

[UPDATE:  There are now multiple contributors to this site.  Shit’s about to get crazy up in here!]

If you don’t know what WTF! AYS? means, then you’ve come to the right site.  It’s just for you!

WTF! AYS? is a semi-controlled blog o’ rants.

No, it’s not even semi-controlled, it’s just a site of bile, spew and crap.  Within that bile spew and crap maybe you’ll learn something, maybe you’ll laugh, and maybe you’ll hate me forever.  In any case, my job is done.

On this site I (and perhaps some of my friends in the future) will post blogs about the idiocy of people and society – from around the world.  Since society is profoundly asinine and generally stupid, I’m sure there will be a lot to say.  *sigh*  Yes, yes, we are a diverse society and many of the issues I find idiotic may be perfectly normal for you (idiots).

Whatever.  You’re still stupid so I have to point that out.

I’d like to have 1 to 2 updates per week – oh, I could easily do more, but I’m not interested in spamming you.  Additional weekly content may be provided if I get other contributors.

I’ll post when I fucking feel like it.  I’m not on your schedule, I’m on mine.  If I don’t post for a month, a year, or I spam you every five minutes fuck off and deal with it.

I’d like to believe that the topics of the rants are serious, but they are to be taken in a (somewhat) tongue-in-cheek manner.  They are meant to be over the top and utterly obnoxious in delivery, while still being informative, factually opinionated, and based in (someone’s) reality.

What I mean by all of this is that I (we?) will call people retards, threaten (non-specific) lives, and generally act in an obtuse manner.  Get over it.  The intent is to offend you.

What you should not find on this site is a bunch of random cussing for the sake of cussing.  Everything posted here, even if it comes with the threat of eye poking, of being doused in gas and burned alive, or of ball sack kicking, should have a point.

All threats posted on this site are to be considered metaphorical, and not true threats.  For example, if a poster says, “The next person I see doing [insert action here] is going to get stabbed in the eye,” don’t actually believe that person is going to get stabbed in the eye; and if it happens it one hell of  a coincidence something we will not tolerate.  Really, that takes too much effort to follow through with threats, and I’m a lazy person.  Those words are only used as flowery text, attention grabbers, and offensive literary flair.

To sum up …

WTF! AYS? is a topical rant site that is meant to offend and educate at the same time.

Feel free to comment …


2 thoughts on “About WTF! AYS?

  1. Shine on! I am not sure if you want to do awards but hey, just in case, I nominated you:

  2. I only accept awards presented through Internet memes. 🙂

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