Because my ego says I'm the most important person on the Internet!

Check out … & Interwebz

Check out … and Interwebz are two categories of external links hosted by WTF! AYS?  If you don’t know what this is about – look to your right, you may have to scroll down – and you should see Check out … and Interwebz.

Check out …

These link to other WordPress blogs of note.  WTF! AYS? does not have any affiliation with any of these blogs, other than we like them – even if we may disagree with them.

In order to be added to this list your blog must be active, funny, no-holds-barred, honest, and meaningful in some way. All of these links have been vetted and viewed by the WTF! AYS? admin people.

We are not going to link to 500 different blogs, so many good blogs may not get added to this list, or your blog may one day be removed. Deal with it.


This category is for general Internet websites that the WTF! AYS? team finds totally inappropriate for common decency, which means it is totally appropriate for us.


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