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MechWarrior Online

WTF! AYS, MechWarrior Online Developers?

Editor’s note:  This post is all about nerd rage.  If you’re not into nerd things you probably won’t get it.  If you are into nerd things, but not into nerd rage, then fuck off.  I don’t like you already.  If you can’t understand why someone would be this pissed about a game, you’ve never YouTube’d screaming WoW kids, Eve freakout, Nerd rage, or anything else.  People get passionate about their hobbies – and since this site is about being over the top, I’m about to be a YouTube video waiting to happen.

Now, I know they say you should never bitch about a game that’s in beta, and one can only hope that there are some good changes to come, but there comes a time when you see that the design team is so fucked in the head stupid that you just have to have them tested for Down’s Syndrome. And if they don’t have Down’s Syndrome you have to come to the realization that they are another group of people who simply need to decide to chew on a cyanide tablet, because they have no redeeming value as people.

Fuck you, Harmony Gold, that's a Warhammer!

Fuck you, Harmony Gold, that’s a Warhammer!

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