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Religious Idiocy

WTF! AYS, religious idiots?

First things first, I believe in God.  Come back to this sentence after you’re read this post, as you’ll certainly forget it.  I … believe … in … God.  Maybe I should more accurately say that I believe in Intelligent Design.  What I don’t believe in is religious institutions or the fucking pricks who lead them.

Fuck the anti-religious zealot, Bill Maaaaahrererer.
That’s right, touch mah pee pee … TOUCH IT!

  • The Catholic Church are historically a bunch of criminals.
  • The Protestant Churches are confused and trying to remain relevant by shaking their fists at the Catholic Church (and each other).
  • Muslims are savage barbarians that would impede human progress at every step; like the Catholics did in the middle ages.
  • Jews, well, if you’re God’s chosen I’d prefer to be the ignored red-headed step-child.
  • Satanists are just emo kids with daddy issues.
  • Wiccans scream witchcraft but (most) can’t even talk a good game.  Blessed be a foot in your ass, you fat whore who really should NEVER run around naked like that ever again!  Oh my goddess I’m gunna puke.
  • Buddhist think too much and do too little.
  • Scientists are corrupt, and just as dogmatic and jingoistic as religious leaders.
  • The spaghetti monster, well, that’s REAL!  I’ve got pictures (below) to prove it!

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