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Slow Ass Drivers

WTF! AYS, slow ass drivers?

This morning I was on the way to the brothel to take in the camel toe races when I got stuck in traffic.  It seems every fucking day I’m getting stuck in traffic when there are only five god damn people on the road.  It’s that perfect synergy between the slow ass driver ahead, turns you can’t see around, the rare-but-random car coming from the other direction, and too many cars to pass at one time.

I will rage ... you will get hurt ... I will laugh.  Fuck off.

I will rage … you will get hurt … I will laugh. Fuck off.

I’m fat, not stupid.  I’m not trying to kill anyone – other than the slow ass driver causing the traffic retardation, so I’m not going to try and pass four cars around a blind corner.

I look at the speed limit sign, it reads 60, yet we’re driving 45.  I see another sign, it also reads 60, yet we’re still driving forty-fucking-five!  WHAT THE FUCK, CHUCK!?!?  I finally get to a straight-away and say fuck you all, and I pass multiple cars. Read more…

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