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Anti-Gun Activists

WTF! AYS, anti-gun activists?

So, once again it’s been some time since I’ve posted. God damn it I’m trying so fucking hard not to make this a political site, but between my retarded ass friends, moronic family members, and the rest of you fucking mouth breathers out there, you leave me no choice. You are all so fucking stupid that I have to wrap my head in duct tape to prevent it from exploding into smithereens. What an awesome word, smithereens. Doesn’t that shit just make you want to smile? Smithereens … smithereens … smithereens … smithereens … fucking amazing!

This is my brain after talking to one of you retards.

This is my brain after talking to one of you retards.

Alright, since I know that either you agree with me, or you’re a pseudo-educated cur that probably has the attention span of a gnat, let me cut to the chase. Comment One: “You don’t need a gun!” “You don’t need a gun with ‘x’ capability and ‘y’ magazine size.” (It’s a magazine not a clip you fucking retards!  Arrgh!  This is what happens when you’re educated by TV.) Response One: Who the fuck are you to tell me what I need?  Seriously, what fucking planet did you come from to stand in my face and tell me what I need?  Hey asshole, I don’t need a television, but I have one. I don’t need a boat, but I have one. I don’t need you in my face, yet there you are.  I don’t need books, but I have a lot of them.

I know, I know, it pains you to read a literate jerk like me.  It really hurts your man-labia that an educated populace will see through your tripe bullshit – (which, in reality, you didn’t even think of yourself.  No, that would require you to actually be capable of free and cognizant thought, and, well, that’s just not with your program, is it?  No, you just copied your thoughts from some fuckwad professor or the Huffington Post).  It gnaws at you in your vagina hole that people like me ruin your perfect little faux-utopia with facts and logical opinions.

Good!  Because to this day, no one … NO ONE … has been able to refute my fact-based opinions without indicating their ignorance, selfishness, or evilness; well, or their willingness to wipe their asses with the U.S. Constitution, which I simply won’t accept as a discussion point.

Hell, this double-bacon, triple-cheese, extra mayo, full pound of 50% fat beef burger I eat twice a day will kill me just as fast as a gun. I don’t need it, but I damn sure love it, and as long as I keep it to myself and don’t force it down the mouth of your 8 year old vegan brat, fuck off. It’s mine and I’ll do with it as I please.

Mmmmm … warm greasy meat patty? Forget American Pie, it’s time for American Burger!

Oh, myyyyyyy!

Ahhhh …

Ohhhhh …

Unnngggg … Ahhhh.

Oooo! That’s extra mayo!

Okay, now that that’s over where was I?

Oh, yeah!

What I need is none of your fucking business. If I feel that I need a fully automatic M-16 (AR-15) with an M-203 mount there ain’t shit you can say about it – especially when the 203 barrel is lodged in your mouth. It’ll be more of a “guug duzzz gub ou ‘b muh muuuuh!” Which, for you, is pretty much the same way you sound on a daily basis anyway. Comment Two: “No one hunts with an assault rifle. No one needs 10 rounds to kill a deer.” (~ Gov. Cuomo) Response Two:  And to you – (as well as to Piers Morgan‘s who said to Stephen Colbert, “This is the thing that I like about the gun debate.  Apparently a lot of Americans think that our Royal Family is imminently about to launch another attempted invasion of your country and grab all your guns.”) – I say:

The British are coming!The British are coming!

The British are coming!
The British are coming!

No credible American believes that Red Dawn will happen.  No, what we believe will happen is exactly what is happening; that the government is usurping authority it does not have and is infringing upon the Rights of the People.  THIS is why we fought against Britain.  THIS is why our Declaration of Independence actually acknowledges the need to abolish a government.  THIS is why we are allowed our arms now.

… Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government …

Personally, I don’t hunt – animals.  I like bunnies, and kitties, and reindeer, oh my!  And while you may be right that it doesn’t take ten rounds to kill a deer, it may take ten or thirty rounds to shoot the government officials actively attempting to enter my home to take away our Constitutional Rights, Liberties, and Freedoms. Did I just advocate the killing of cops or government official? No, not really. I respect and support our law-abiding law enforcement personnel, and I would ask that you do the same. In fact, I have given money to police organizations in the past, because I feel they are important to the safety of American.  However, I will take arms against a tyrannical government who seems to fucking forget that they work for us; they answer to us. They, those fucking retards in Congress, are our servants (hence the term“public servant”) and we are their masters. When someone joins the U.S. military they take an oath.  The oath doesn’t say support and defend the President.  It doesn’t say support and defend Congress.  It says “… I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same;” This means that the soldier – (soldier will be the blanket term I’m use to represent all military personnel) – is to have allegiance to the Constitution, not the people in office; and that he is to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.  If our government is the problem then it’s the military’s sworn duty to put down those leaders, not to infringe upon the Rights of the People. Think about that for a fucking minute!

“When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.” (~ Thomas Jefferson)

“No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms.” (~ Thomas Jefferson)

Huh, you don't say.

Huh, you don’t say.

Comment Three: “It’s a different world than when the Constitution was written. Those old, white slave owners could never have foreseen this.” Response Three:  We’ll discuss your ignorant slavery jab some other time, but to even make such a fucking absurd comment that implies that either (1) there was no gun crime in the 1700’s, or that (2) people we not just as batshit crazy then, makes me skeptical that you are even capable or coherent thought. Holy FUCK! You are either too stupid to deserve to live, or you are so blinded by falsehoods that bizarro world would be too close to reality for you. Either way, get the fuck off of my planet. There are actual people here who need the oxygen you’re wasting. At the time the Constitution was being written, debated, and signed, those old, white slave owners were talking about the exact same type of rifles that the military of the time used. They were talking about keeping the people on-par with the government so the government could not usurp the Will of the People. Do you really believe that they did not know that there was a time in history when swords and bows ruled the battlefield, yet, in their time, it was cannons and muskets? Do you really not think – (well, I know you don’t think, because I have to explain this shit to you) – that they ever saw a time when firearms would be improved or replaced? Jesus Christ, you must be a waterhead baby!  (Sorry waterhead babies for the insult.  I know you have a legitimate condition for which you deserve sympathy; these people just deserve to have M-80’s tossed in their mouths.)

Because he doesn't have the words to describe how stupid you are.

Because he doesn’t have the words to describe how stupid you are.

Look, I know you don’t like facts, especially when they come from someone you don’t like, but here you go: [CLICK HERE] – (used without permission). Every fact in his book is cited from an official source – though not in this link; you can get the official sources on your own. Comment Four: “Crime in the U.K. Is lower than crime in the U.S.” Response Four: I’ll give you a couple of minutes to rethink this and further stand by that comment before … Assault victims:

  • UK: 2.8% – Ranked 2nd. (133% more than United States.)
  • US: 1.2% – Ranked 11th.
  • SOURCE: UNICRI (United Nations Inter-regional Crime and Justice Research Institute).

Rape victims:

  • UK: 0.9% – Ranked 6th. (125% more than United States.)
  • US: 0.4% – Ranked 13th.
  • SOURCE: UNICRI (United Nations Inter-regional Crime and Justice Research Institute).

Total crime victims:

  • UK: 26.4% – Ranked 3rd. (25% more than United States.)
  • US: 21.1% – Ranked 15th.
  • SOURCE: UNICRI (United Nations Inter-regional Crime and Justice Research Institute).

[CLICK HERE] for the full report. Yes, in flat numbers the U.S. has more crime than the U.K.; however, when you start talking per capita, the UK doesn’t come out so well – with the singular exception of gun crime. What this tells me is that crime exists in it’s full frontal glory in the UK – and is even an erect phallus compared to the United State’s limpdick number of crimes (per capita).

It's never the person, it's always the tool, isn't it?

It’s never the person, it’s always the tool, isn’t it?

So, how would I resolve gun violence? Well, first of all, THERE IS NO SOLUTION. Britain “has no guns” yet they still have gun violence. Once you recognize there is no solution you look at measures of preventing and punishing. Prevention: Training and education. Since this is a Constitutional Right, you can’t tell your average Citizen that he may not own a guns, but we can do a better job of training and educating people in their use, safety, and so on. While I believe that every American has the Right to bear arms, I do feel the right can be limited from the following groups:

  • Non-citizens.
  • Felons.
  • Mentally ill.

Punishment: Stop criminalizing marijuana and start criminalizing violent crime – no matter the weapon of choice. Don’t criminalize the act of owning or using marijuana, and don’t criminalize the act of owning or using a firearm. Criminalize their acts in the commission of a crime. No leniency! If you kill someone because you forgot to push the brake pedal while high, or if you shoot someone in a bout of nerd rage after he killed your favorite princess, it doesn’t matter to me. This is an unforgivable violent crime, and you should be taken out of society and punished. I don’t care if you’re mentally fucked, boo-effin’-who depressed, or simply an asshole, if you can kill in cold blood you deserve neither a gun nor to belong on this planet anymore. Gun control is not crime control.

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2 thoughts on “Anti-Gun Activists

  1. People are so stupid. Make more and harder gun laws so those of us who are trying to be law abiding citizens have a hard time getting guns, while the lower elements of society have an opportunity to get a gun around every corner. As for felons, I am one a felon that is. I did my time. I should have a chance to have my gun rights back. Which is something I was going to work on until the shooting before Christmas happened. I live in the middle of corn fields. Coyotes can be close as a 100 yards away at times. A huge badger was found in the field this last fall only 3 hundred yards away. I understand that because I am a felon that I should not get my rights to care back, but having a shot gun would be nice. I had to run over to the neighbors not to long ago because we had a rabid coon walking around.
    People are so stupid…

    • I actually go back and forth on the felon thing. On one hand a felon has shown a precedent for committing a violent crime or other crime of high seriousness. I’m not sure I want someone like that owning a weapon. But then I also feel that the felon as (1) paid his/her due to society and (2) will probably own a gun anyway, so let’s at least have it on the books.

      As one individual citizen in the mix of millions of other individual citizens, I’m certainly open to the discussion. Ask me today and I’ll be hardcore one way. Ask me in a month and I may be hardcore the other way.

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